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Policy is not enough. Plant seeds!

The CAN-JapanNetwork (the acronym is for ‘Climate Action Network’ and has no relationship to Canada, even though I want it to) just sent out an email with press releases from fifteen of Japan’s finest NPOs. The topic was the American withdrawl from the Paris AgreementĀ and how many members got together to protest this backwards decision. The general tone from all of the groups showed how this move would certainly not deter the valiant volunteers from moving ahead, but how they have in fact been energized to band together and continue the education, outreach, and policy-building that the other 145 countries support.

Lobbying is important, especially when you’re doing in on behalf of your children and not your ‘shareholders’. Engaging with lawmakers to see how benficial this forward direction is for the environment and the economy is valuable work. I support 100% anyone who has the luxury of time to read and write reports and get meetings with people ‘on the hill’ (or whatever the slang term is in Tokyo for the Diet).

In the meantime, as those wheels of law grind slowly, the daily activity of tending a garden is the simplest, most basic resistance action you can do.

I’m in the process of researching what to plant when I get back from Canada in late summer. The seasons work slightly differently in Tokyo than they do in Edmonton, with pros and cons, but my main opponent is land space. I have none. Everything has to be done in planters, so I’m limited to what I can grow. But make no mistake. I will grow food.

I’ve always felt that we have to be active in the home, in the community, at work, and in local and national government where policy is being decided. So before you don that (pants) suit and tie, make sure to get your hands dirty in the soil.

(Photo c/o flickr via Mike Leiberman)

Backyard Vegetable Garden in Brooklyn. August 9, 2009


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