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EM bokashi composting

So I pulled the trigger and went for it!

Now I’m figuring out what I went for.

That was kinda the philosophy anyway – to motivate myself. Jump right in and figure things out on the fly, otherwise I’d still be sitting on the fence.

So I rolled up into Shimaho, a DIY centre near Nakano station, Tokyo. What a paradise! I could go on and on and the power washers, the ten litre bottles of everything you need to clean your house, the smell of fresh-cut wood. I think I even heard a bucket of paint being mixed.

In the gardening section was the EM composter and stand. Exhibit A:



I would’ve walked out with just that except that the guy also pointed to a few other items nearby. Exhibit B appears to be a fermentation excelorator, sold on Amazon:


And back:


This other stuff speeds up leaf decomposition:


and back:


Maybe insecticide, but not sure:


Hocky puck deodorant:


And the actually important stuff when running an anaerobic, air-tight system like this – the bag of EM – effective microorganisms:


and back:


I’ve been dumping coffee grounds, gobo and carrot peels, egg shells, and staying away from large amounts of oil and stuff already going moldy, as that will start to compete with the good mold that will soon form.

As liquid builds up, turn the spigot and dilute up to 1oo times (!) to spray on your plants.

As I have no plants, I’m going to give away the nectar and the compost to anyone who’ll take it.


In the next part, I’ll post the (Japanese and English translation of the) manual for the bucket.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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