Eco Music Festivals – Part 2


To make sure we know what exactly is a music festival, we should read and explore many different types of festivals (see the lists in the post before). Look at several of those websites to get a feeling for the size of the area needed, the number of audience members, the number of bands, the number of stages, camping areas, services, and what might make each festival unique (look at Burning Man…).

You should have several assignments finished:

1) Your Google Presentation slide
2) Your list of the top 10 things to bring to a music festival (Music Journal)
3) Three sentences about the Glastonbury Music festival, especially the clean-up (Music Journal)
4) The five ways energy is provided at the CO2PENHAGEN Music Festival, and a short explanation.
5) For Grade 9, look at pages 7 (list of stakeholders), 15 (greening solutions), 33 and 36 (eco music organizations) of the Singing a Greener Tune Report and make notes in your Music Journal.

The summative assessment will be to design a week-end festival of music to be as green as possible, with a map of facilities with explanations, and a summary of how you made the festival as green as possible.


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