Stump Mr. K with Eras of Music

Grade 8,

I have shared with you PDFs about composers from these main eras of music in Google Docs called “Musical Eras”:

20st Century

Your job is to pick one composer from one era, use Audio Hijack to record about ten minutes of audio, and put that sample into the StudyWiz gallery called “Musical Eras”.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, you are making your own quiz.

LISTEN to ALL of the samples and learn to recognize the eras. For example, a harpsichord is a Baroque instrument and a popular instrument of that time, so get to know what it sounds like.

Some of you are hijacking 21st-century music. Most people think it sounds weird because there is no beat and the music is not organized into regular major or minor scales. It might sound like random notes.

Romantic music might make you feel like running through a field of wheat, or crying at the sunset.

Medieval music has no instruments and is usually sung by a choir of monks, men only.

Out of the thousands of composers in history, it’s much easier to tell which era is which.

I bet I can tell which each era is from by listening to the first 20 seconds of the song.

Happy listening!

Mr. Kozak


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