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Grade 9 Early February HM

Grade 9 Students,

Recreate the mash-up of DJ Kool Herc’s original merry-go-round. Put both samples into GarageBand and make the break.

We will continue watching Part one of the Documentary “The Hip Hop Years” with commentary from Afrika Bambaataa.

Mr. Kozak


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Grade 7 homework for early February, 2013:

Students must finish basic 5W info research (who, what, when, where, why) in preparation for an essay or presentation comparing the music of a popular group or musician of their choice (Girls’ Generation, Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk, etc.) and Robert Johnson.

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Grade 6 homework for January 31, 2013:

In your Music Journals, type this question and your answer:
How problems did you have writing the music from last class?

On, read the following sections under the “Lessons” tab:

The Basics:
The Staff, Clefs, and Ledger Lines
Note Duration
Measures and Time Signatures

Scales and Key Signatures:
The Major Scale
Key Signatures

You can practice the exercises for Note Identification, Keyboard Note Identification, and even Interval Ear Training
There will be a quiz on some of these items in class…soon.

If you get all that done, go to Theta Music Training.
Mr. Kozak

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Grade 9 homework coming soon…

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Grade 8 homework coming soon…

Grade 8 homework coming soon…

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Researching research

So then,

I’ve been looking at unpacking the Big 6 and collating resources to help my students do online research. There’s a lot to report, but I want to start with InstaGrok:

Pretty cool stuff..
Mr. K

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